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Terrazzo Tiling - The Fashionable & Economical Way

The floor of a room is what makes the whole space modern and lavish. To achieve said goals, you do not always need to spend an enormous amount of money. You can simply opt for Terrazzo Tiling for your space. These tiles liven up the space and look absolutely fantastic. Terrazzo tiling is a tiling service which is in nowaday because of its benefits. Not only do the tiles come in whatever colors and size you want , but they are also slip resistant and stain resistant making it incredibly safe and long lasting.

Terrazzo Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Mosaic Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Mosaic Tiling - Forever in Style

Mosaic tiling in Melbourne has been a trend and in vogue for thousands of years. It's an evergreen design that never goes out of style. Many clients use our tiling service across Melbourne for any or all their Mosaic Tiling needs. The best part about Mosaic tiling is that it can be used in any space, it can be a combination of wall and floor tiling or just the walls. However, you may fancy, Vittorio’s can do it for you.

There are various types of mosaic tiling, some of them are: Natural stone mosaic tiling, Metal mosaic tiling, Glass mosaic tiling, Ceramic & Porcelain mosaic tiling. At Vittorio’s Tiling, we can give you whichever mosaic tiling you want!

Travertine Tiling - For The Cool & Casual

Speaking of Travertine tiling, they are used in various places. For instance, Travertine Tiling is used around swimming pools. These tiles are great for outdoor tiling as they are slip resistant and do not get hot at all even when exposed to direct sunlight, thus making the tiling refreshing to touch all around the year. These Tiling Services are also great for kitchen splash backs and living room floors. Travertine tiling adds a luxurious look to any location.

Travertine Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Miters Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Miters - Give Your Room A Finished Look

Mitered edge is one of the options available to you while tiling external corners. It's a cut at a 45 degree angle along an edge, thereby removing the underside of the tile. Our talented tilers can create beautiful Miters without damaging or chipping the edge of the tiles. Miters are not easy to do, thus we provide you with the very best of team and workmanship who work tirelessly to give you the best possible result.

Limestone Tiling - For All And Any Rooms

Limestone tiling is the perfect way to go for floors, walls and even steps. The meritorious part about using Limestone Tiling is that it makes a room look and feel good. It stays cool even during extreme summers and it's highly versatile. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor tiling. Out workers ensure that your tiles are laid in a neat manner thereby making the design in the tiles pop. We are known for class apart tiling services across Melbourne due to our skilled professionals and goal to create perfection.

Limestone Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Glass Mosaic Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Glass Mosaic Tiling - Live Like Royalty

Another tiling service provided by Vittorio’s is glass mosaic tiling. This kind of tiling gives the room a vibe and beauty. Due to its glass component, the tiles bounce light off each other, making the room shine brightly. Glass Mosaic Tiling isn't always easy to do, since the tiles are textured, the tilers have to lay them carefully in order to not damage them and keep the design intact.

Italian Tiling - Perfect Balance of Style And Tactility

Italian tiling is perfect for homeowners who like the look of natural floors without having to focus too much on cleaning and maintenance. Italian Tiling is the perfect blend of durability and aesthetics. We assure you you will absolutely love the overall look of your home after this particular tiling service.

Did you know, the first ever tile floors were designed by one of the best known artists named Pietro Andrea da Faenza. It was in the chapel of S. Petronio in Bologna of Italy in 1487. Italian tiling is the origin of tiling itself. When you think of tiling,Italy is bound to cross your mind.

Italian Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Niche Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Niche Tiling - Looks Tasteful And is Practical

Niche tiling is the process of tiling space next to your shower, it's a space usually used to store soap, shower gel, utensil cleaner etc. If you are getting the entire space tiled it only makes sense to do the niches too. With Niche Tiling not only do they look great but also provide some sturdiness to the space. We ensure that they are done tastefully and they bring the whole room together.

Bullnose - For A Complete Look

The term bullnose stands for a rounded exterior angle where two walls or tiles meet. Bullnose tiling eliminates sharp and unfinished edges of the tiles. This kind of tiling service is perfect for floors, walls or even corners. Bullnose Tiling is a great option for finishing touches. So on the off chance that you want a unique look for your space, bullnose tiling is the way to go.

Bullnose Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Entryway Tiled Borders Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Entryway Tile Borders - For The Classy And Stylish

Many times clients wish for their entryway to be tiled. This makes the place look kind of majestic and gives a luxurious vibe. On the off chance you want Entryway Tile Borders, contact us today and find out more about our tiling services, Melbourne.

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