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Get Your Own Floor Tiling Done Today!

Before deciding on what kind of tiles to use for your floor, there are multiple factors to take into consideration. For instance the tiles must go with the curtains and the furniture in the room. Among other tiling services we also provide the service of floor tiling. Floor tiling is the way to go in case you are the kind that likes easy to clean floors and stylish looking floors. So whether its bathroom tiles installation or Alfresco and porch tiling, we can do it all for you with the best floor tilers in Melbourne.

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Wall Tiling so That Even Your Walls Look Beautiful

Wall tiling is the new trend these days. The advantages of having a wall tiled is that you get rid of any future wall leaks, the wall becomes easier to maintain and of course it gives your room a modern and savvy look. We use the anti stain sealing technology, thereby making the room futuristic and dirtfree. Wall tiling in Melbourne also gives the whole room a fancy and elegant look that is not possible by putting up various wall fixtures or paintings.

Grouting - To Prevent Current and Future Problems

Vittorio’s tiling services specialise in various tiling services including grouting tiles across the Melbourne region. Grouting can give your space a finished look without having to pay for a complete renovation. There are various advantages to grouting and we ensure that we work quickly and smoothly. Lastly, grouting adds value to the whole room. The process of grouting can be done on any kind of floor, they provide structural integrity to the building and control the problems of seepage and groundwater flow. While grouting we ensure to use top notch materials to prevent water seepage and keep your tiles looking new for a long time.

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Get Your Caulking Done Today!!

When it comes to water damage, there are various ways to prevent that. One of them is known as caulking. Caulk is basically a waterproof sealant that is used in renovation or repairs. Our long range of Tiling Service also includes the service of Caulking any space you need including but not limited to windows, tiles, bathtubs, countertops etc. Since the process of caulking can be used in all rooms, it's obvious that it must be made of highly durable material. We at Vittorio’s pay special attention to ensure that we use materials that are resilient and a one stop solution to your cracking or peeling issues. Our staff of professionals ensure they do a neat job and don't take long to finish it.

Waterproofing To Get Rid of All Future Troubles

Simply put, if there is a wet area in your house, we can waterproof it. A statistic used many times in the industry states that tile waterproofing is nearly 1.8% of the construction cost but accounts for a whopping 83% of building defect complaints. With Vittorio’s we assure you have not succumbed to this statistic. As a part of our extended tiling service we provide waterproofing for your space on a budget and within the time frame that you may please.

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Tiling Repair in Your Budget

More times than not, you might not wish to change how a room in your house looks, but with time there may have been some wear and tear of the tiles. That's where we come to your rescue, by providing tiling repair as part of a long list of tiling services. Sometimes a tile can be put back together with glue without the line being noticeable, other times the tile has to be changed completely. Which of the two options are to be used is decided by our skilful experts who ensure minimum wastage and maximum satisfaction of the client. All you have to do is connect with us and the rest is for us to finish. Whether it's your bathroom wall tile or your kitchen floor has a piece missing, call vittorio’s today and get those tiles repaired.

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