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When it comes to bathroom tile installation, many people take a step back because of the mess and inconvenience that comes with it. But we at Vittorio’s Tiling Services take pride in taking all the trouble off your hands. We work in an efficient and smart manner to ensure that your tiling installation or tiling repair is absolutely perfect. Bathroom Tiling services also help in keeping the space clean and dry. Whether you are looking for Glass Mosaic tiling or Alfresco tiling, we have all tiling services you could think of! Our team of professionals make sure that the whole project is done in the best way possible, so that the client gets the neatest look possible that is also highly durable in the long run.

With our service of bathroom tiling, not only will you get a great looking bathroom but also our team of professional bathroom tilers that ensure no tiles or other materials are wasted and our bathroom tiling will give your bathroom an overall makeover.

Bathroom Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling
Bathroom Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Get to Know Our Skillful and Talented Bathroom Tilers

We all look at those fancy bathrooms in magazines, and wish for them to be our. But then they also cost a lot of money, don't they? Well that doesnt always have to be the case. We provide you with tiling repair and tiling installation among other bathroom tiling in Melbourne within your ideal budget. When it comes to our skillful team of bathroom tilers, we are known to hire the best in the business. With regard to Tiling Service, we also provide wall and floor tiling, essentially giving your bathroom a refreshing look overall. Our bathroom tiler ensures that the project is done properly, leaving the customer more than satisfied and wanting for more.

Bathroom tiling has various pros that make it a must have. For instance bathroom tiling makes the space free from any future water seepage issues. Whatever may be the look you are going for, Bathroom Tiler at Vittorio’s Tiling Services have got you covered, from Italian tiling to limestone tiling to Alfresco tiling and many more. We at Vittorio’s Tiling Service have it all.


Health: Old bathroom layout can have cracks and damages where the moisture stays constantly and that space becomes breeding ground for mold and mildew. These can be dangerous for your health as they can cause various allergies and infections.

Fix Underlying Issues: Getting tiling done, you are bound to fix underlying issues such as cracks, damages and you might even find new issues that you hadn’t even noticed before.

New Look: Of course, tiling means complete makeover of your bathroom. It would be like getting a new bathroom altogether.

Safety: Old bathrooms may have some damages that can be dangerous enough to compromise your and your family’s safety. Old worn out tiles or such can cause slip and fall accidents, crack can cause injuries.

Increase Resale Value of Property: A home with a newly tiled bathroom is bound to get better value in the market. Your property’s selling price would be significantly raised.

Sustainability: Bathrooms with strengthened floor will definitely last for a really long time.

Bathroom Tile installation

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