Screeding is a process in which liquid concrete is used to level and smoothen the surface of an area on the floor to ensure it is of the same height and ready for tiling. Many times clients also use screeding for drainage. The particular Tiling Service is an essential process in ensuring that a tiling project results in a perfect finish.

Over time, vittorio’s has become the go to tiling services company, Melbourne including providing the service of tile screeding. This process of Screeding is also done in homes where renovation is underway. Areas where one can use screeding services are - bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms etc. if the process of screeding is not done carefully and methodically, it can lead to unlevel floors and ultimately a bad tiling job, we ensure you don't succumb to such problems.

Vittorio’s is a Melbourne based operation and we believe in delivering premium quality results and tiling services with maximum client satisfaction. With Vittorio’s Tiling, you are assured with the top-notch Screeding Contractors!

Screeding Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

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