Facade & Pier Tiling

Facade Tiling - Liven Up Your Outdoors!

A facade is a structure usually put at the entrance of a house to add more mystique and better the ambience of the house. Once it's built, you might want to consider facade tiling. In Fact many of our clients get both facade & pier tiling done together in order to make their house look better. Once you're through with your Facade Tiling, you will realise that the space is much more maintainable and looks 10 times better without a doubt.

Facade & Pier Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Pier Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Pier Tiling - Look Like Royals!

A pier is a platform on pillars, making it a space to enjoy company or just keep to yourself. However, maintaining a pier isn't always easy to do. To make your pier more accessible and easy to clean, you might wanna consider pier tiling. The idea of Pier Tiling is to give the pier a more modern and edgy look while making it a waterproof, damp free space for the family to enjoy.

Many of our clients get their facade & pier tiling done to give their outdoor area a new look and an overall perfection.

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