Outdoor Tiling

Vittorio’s also provides a variety of outdoor tiling. Furthermore, why should tiling be limited only to indoor spaces,Right? An overall outdoor tiling in Melbourne project can give your outdoors a refreshing and energising look. However, outdoor tiling is a precarious job so it must be done just right. That is where we come in, as a part of our Tiling Services we provide tiling of any outdoor space in your home, may it be balconies or facade and pier or your porch area.

We at vittorio’s understand that you would like your outdoor space to be as aesthetic and edgy as your indoors are. When it comes to Outdoor Tiling, if it's not done right, it's a waste of materials and effort. To ensure you aren't one of those people, get in touch with Vittorio’s tiling services.

Facade & Pier Tiling

Apart from our long list of indoor tiling services, we are also quite known for our service of facade & pier tiling. Many houses nowadays are being built with facade and pier structures. Since they create the first impressions of your homes, it only makes sense that they are a highlight of the house. Facade Tiling does exactly that for you. They bring a refreshing energy into the overall look of the entrance to your homes. When it comes to Pier Tiling it's always a wise idea to get such a space tiled since it's usually outdoors and has to bear the weather related wear and tear over time.

Balcony Tiling

Vittorio’s has years of experience in installing balcony tiling across Melbourne. If on the off chance your balcony has water damage or the possibility of a lot of dust coming into the balcony, you may want to consider Balcony Tiling. Once we are done with your balcony, it will look beautiful and will be long lasting for your families to enjoy for years to come.

Alfresco Tiling & Porch Tiling

Various homeowners often ensure their outdoor space is built with an Alfresco or porch or both, but don't anticipate the amount of maintenance it takes for their upkeep. A perfect solution to this problem is alfresco & porch tiling. The benefits of going through with said tile installation will not only make your life easier with regards to its maintenance but it will also look great.

Getting your Alfresco Tiling done will make the space not only highly endurable to attrition, it will also be used much more often by your family because of how fabulous it will look.

On the off chance you are on the edge on deciding whether you should opt for Porch Tiling, we say , you GO for it! It will give your space the refreshing look it needs and make it a feature of the house that gets people talking.

Alfresco tiling and porch tiling will make the structures highly durable in the long run, furthermore, it will deal with any future problems of water damage or staining. There are various kinds of tiles that will keep the space cool and slip resistant.


We install floor screeding for homeowners all over Melbourne suburbs. Screeding is the perfect solution to deal with the problem of unleveled floor or underfloor heating issues. The process of Screeding if not done properly can leave the whole floor unleveled making the entire tiling job done on it a failure. So, to get the most efficient tiling service in all of Melbourne, call us ASAP!


All pools need top-notch tiling as it is not just about aesthetics but also about safety and health. A broken tile in a swimming pool can cause injuries. With Vittorio’s best and professional pool tiler in Melbourne, we assure you the best pool tiling services.

For all exterior tiling and outdoors tiling in Melbourne, we are the go-to company!

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