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Vittorio’s Tiling Services in Melbourne has a wide network. With innumerable successful tiling projects under the belt. We at Vittorio’s take pride in telling you that we have made a name for ourselves as the best Tilers in Melbourne. We have a wide range of tiling repair, tiling installation, and other tiling services like -

Every one of our projects follows a top-end quality culture, each task is viewed as novel, standards accomplished are more than satisfactory, the materials utilized are of top quality from our steadfast providers. Waterproofing frameworks, glues, grouts are utilized to accomplish the goal of sturdiness. With our tiling services you get experienced authorized tilers, waterproofers, and keep up the quality far superior to others in the market.

We are known not only for our skillful tilers and our vast range of Tiling Service but also for our customer service. We ensure that our clients can trust us and depend on us. Our motto is quality over quantity and thus we spend time with our clients and take their feedback and add our knowledge and practicality to provide you with the best results. So for any and all your tiling services contact us now!!


  • - Stylish and aesthetically pleasing
  • - Modern
  • - Easy to maintain
  • - Durable
  • - Raises the property value

Residential and Commercial Tilers of Melbourne

Your business needs the best commercial tilers of Melbourne and your home needs the best residential tilers of Melbourne and you can find both at Vittorio’s tiling! We give you quality service and comfort both! We are the best tiling contractors in Melbourne. Vittorio’s Tiling provides the best tiling solutions for all Meburnians.


  • - On-time project delivery
  • - Dependable team
  • - Extensive experience
  • - We prioritise you and your vision
  • - We make dreams a reality
  • - Ever Evolving
  • - Durable and flawless finishing
  • - Extensive range of choices
  • - Affordable Prices

Kitchen Tiling - Get The Kitchen of Your Dreams TODAY!

The kitchen of every house is the main jewel of every house nowadays. Since the chances are that several visitors will see your kitchen, why not show them something that leaves them talking about it days after they are gone!

We are known to get the job done right and quick the first time with no flaws. When it comes to Kitchen Tiling many people come to us with the problem of discolouring, splashback tiling. We work tirelessly to ensure those problems do not happen to your masterful kitchen.

We have various kitchen tiling designs for our clients to choose from, with our expert knowledge of design and tiling, together we create the best vibe that is aesthetic and durable in the longer run.

Kitchen Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Bathroom Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Bathroom Tiling - Make Bathing Comfortable and Edgy

A bathroom tiling can be a precarious and tedious task where there are numerous factors to take into consideration. However, our group of talented professionals are prepared to manage each component of the retiling or new tiling cycle. Regardless of whether it’s something as little as introducing a few tiles in the shower area or a full start to finish Bathroom Tiling, our group of specialists will ensure that, through our excellent customer service and quality products, you get the restroom experience you are worthy of.

Shower Tiling For The SMART & SAVVY!

Coming to Shower Tiling, you might be happy with the overall look of the bathroom but want a pop of colour in the shower. We can do it all! Our dept shower tiler team ensures the tiles are put smoothly and efficiently, leaving the space with a completely different look. Our shower tiling service includes use of shower tiles that come with anti slip technology making the shower space not only look amazing but is also super safe. We also ensure to fit in elegant sloped falls for the drawing of water and inculcate smart designs for a good visual appeal in the drainage grates.

Shower Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Italian Tiling Project Image By Vittorio's Tiling

Get Your Own Space of CLASS APART Italian Tiling

Businesses and homeowners all love Italian Tiling and they do so for good reason. The supreme beauty and quality of Italian tiles are usually unmatched. When it comes to Italian tiling, we have earned an excellent reputation for our unsurpassed quality of products and professional tilers. We provide tiling services that are perfect for everyone and anyone who likes style and low maintenance of tiles. Our tilers ensure that the laying of tiles is durable and stylish at the same time. We pride ourselves on bringing to you the perfect mix of tactility, practicality and aesthetics, you will love what Italian tiles and our talented tilers can do to the overall look of your space. So whether it is a small space in your house or the whole house needs tiling, we can do it all, in the best time frame possible.

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Tanina Monterosso Testimonial

I Was extremely happy with the job that Vittorio had done on my bathroom and laundry tiles, the job was done to absolute perfection my bathroom and laundry look stunning. Thankyou Vittorio for an amazing job, if anyone is looking for that perder tiler well Vittorio is the one thanks, once again I’m a very happy customer!!!

Tanina Monterosso
TCG Build Testimonial

Works with experience and professionality. Dealing with VITTORIO'S TILING for years, he's always tidy, friendly and punctual. They always deliver their works perfectly and above all. Our clients are really happy and love it.

TCG Build